Depression During Pregnancy – What Would You Do If You Knew

If you knew, or suspected, that anti depression meds could cause serious breathing or cardiac malformation in your growing fetus, would you take a psychiatric medication or stimulant?If you knew, or suspected, that the research supporting use of mood-altering drugs as a palliative for pregnancy depression reflected biased scientists "in the pocket" of the very drug companies profiting from these medications, then would you take it?How much more of an emotional roller-coaster is considered enough Read more [...]

Safe and Unsafe Acne Drugs During Pregnancy

If you have acne during pregnancy, it is important to pay attention to the drugs you consume, specially if you are breastfeeding, because a lot of it will reach your baby. Normally, it is best to simply avoid all unnecessary drugs but if you must, the best option to treat acne during pregnancy is to only use the following topical treatments and avoid all oral treatments.The topical acne treatments that may be safe during pregnancy because they have never been shown to cause harm to a fetus in Read more [...]